Room for unique experiences

The plant's venue is 43.5 metres deep and 10 metres wide. There are floor-to-ceiling curtains on all walls and these can be purchased as an elegant solution to breaking down the huge space into smaller and more intimate sections. The event space is equipped with 48 points, distributed on 7 fly rafters, which each have a carrying capacity of 500 kg per point. When renting The Plant, there are a number of compulsory charges on power, waste disposal, cleaning, and fire guard(s). The Plant offers an in-house sound and light installation, which can be purchased for the given event. Moreover, there are 5 men’s and 5 women's toilets and an accessible toilet at the venuet.


load-bearing capacity

There are 48 points distributed in the ceiling. Each point has a carrying capacity of 500 kg.



The overall maximum electrical capacity in The Plant is 1 X 3 X 355 AMP. Power to the event production:

2 cords of 1 X 3 X 125 AMP red CEE 

4 cords of 1 X 3 X 63 AMP red CEE

1 cords of 1 X 3 X 32 AMP red CEE

5 cords of 1 X 3 X 16 AMP red CEE


In The Plant there is a fixed in-house AV-installation which can be purchased for events from. The installation is managed and maintained by MediaTech. AV package includes:

  1. LED screen, measuring 6x3.5 metres in

  2. Height-sound system for music and speech

  3. Possibility of connecting the HDMI signal as well as a sound signal from the computer

  4. 1 PCs cable beta 58 microphone